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Sobriety Coaching

What is a Sobriety Coach?

A sober coach is one who assists you or your loved one through the process of getting and staying sober and achieving a healthier, more enjoyable life. A sober coach can provide you inspiration and accountability on the road to recovery and can provide at least several of the following services:

  • A daily connection and conversation to those in recovery, 

  • A bridge to other treatment providers and support groups,

  • Accountability for complete abstinence for substances, 

  • Help in setting goals, building skills, coping strategies, and creating healthy habits,

  • And exploring how friends and family can support recovery. 

Monthly Packages 

from $100-$700 per month


Contact us for a free consultation




* Se habla Español 

* In order to avoid a conflict of interest, The Extra Step is not able to take clients with an open criminal case within the Edmonds Municipal Court. 

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